• Updated view validation to remove sensitivity for line codes in the PO log entered in ‘A.F1’ format
    • Estimate monitor now compensates for the values allocated to the hardlines from the budget sections
    • Addressed a runtime error that can sometimes occur when running the relaunchRepair function
    • Added in a tally cell below the No & Days columns in sections with 1 line group that calculates overtime
    • Addressed a inaccurate pane freeze issue when exporting the selected rows in the petty cash log
    • Addresses an issue where the description column in the contingencies table can be omitted when importing v3 to v3 budgets
    • Addresses an column alignment issue in the bid notes column when importing v3 to v3 budgets
    • Other minor updates and fixes.


    • Update/rebuilt crypto module
    • Added new encoding module
    • Targeted compatibility with windows 11
    • Other minor updates and fixes


    • Line Number cells on Budget Pages unlock when in customization mode
    • Allocations cells are now locked until switching to customization mode
    • Incorporates a new Estimate Monitor to work in combination with the view validator for identifying potentially unintended computations
    • Other minor updates and fixes


    • Works around an issue where a / character can cause a print error message when outputting a pdf
    • Travel Budget rows allocated to the cost summary page now display the CS line description vs the generic description ‘Cost Summary (CSxx)’
    • Updated ABID output
    • Other minor updates and fixes


    • Addresses and issue were the ‘hide unused rates’ feature was not working as expected on some budget pages
    • Changes to the textfields in the ‘Budgets’ window to commit changes upon window close
    • Other minor updates and fixes



    • Updated to work with the 2023 licensing system.


    • Resolves a runtime-error that can occur when exposing the actual details popup on one of the budget pages after adding or removing petty cash envelopes in the Petty Cash Grid.


    • Updated for calendar year 2022.
    • Minor updates and fixes.



    • Resolves some runtime errors in 2019 excel running on macOS Catalina or higher.


  • Updated for calendar year 2021.
  • Minor updates and fixes.


  • Resolved an issue where a runtime-error could occur when click Advances in the Petty Cash Log in some versions of excel.
  • Resolved an issue an error could occur when adding line items to a group of lines in some versions of excel.


  • Excel 16.29 : Resolved an issue where saving the budget as a PDF would result in a runtime-error or crash.
  • Excel 15.37, 16.29 : Resolves an issue where a run-time error could occur when switching between Hot Budget documents.
  • Excel 15.37, 16.29 : Resolves an issue where a run-time error could occur when Printing Envelopes in the Petty Cash Log.
  • Changed the default line description for line 12 and 62 from ‘Best Boy Electric’ to ‘Best Electric’
  • Changed the default line description for line 17 and 67 from ‘Best Boy Grip’ to ‘Best Grip’
  • Changed the default line description for line 42 and 92 from ‘Firemen’ to ‘Firefighter’
  • Changed the default line description for line 43 and 93 from ‘Policemen’ to ‘Police Officer’
  • Fixed an issue where a run-time error would occur then Printing or Exporting envelopes from the Petty Cash Log when the workers name contained an apostrophe character.
  • The line titles in section ‘B’ now reference their adjacent values in section ‘A’
  • Strikethrough and underline format has been removed from some of the checkbox controls in the print window.
  • Other minor updates and fixes


  • TravelBudget: added formulas to the running budget portion.
  • TravelBudget: updated the sorting functionality to compensate for the alternate interior color of the cells within the running budget.
  • TravelBudget: import functionality now includes data within the travel budget.
  • When importing budgets formulas within the sections of the budgets are now repaired.


  • Address an issue where adding custom sheets into the document will cause a runtime error upon opening.


  • Address an issue where some cells that are supposed to be unlocked are locked by default.


  • Confirmed functionality in Mac OS Mojave.
  • Code rewritten to achieve compatibility with Excel for Mac versions:
    Excel 2011 Mac 14.7.7
    Excel 2016 Mac 15.37
    Excel 2016 Mac 16.14.1
  • Excel 2019 Mac 16.19: Testing in progress, no known issues
  • Code refactored across more then 70% of modules
  • Corrected a formula that could cause markup or insurance to be calculated too high in the actual budget when using precision calculation.
  • Running Budget can be printed and exported as a PDF after expiration.
  • Bid assistant: fixed an issue when tabbing away from the last cell triggers a runtime error.
  • Other minor updates and fixes


  • Creates a workaround that requires the Operating System user account name to match the name of the home directory.
  • Addresses an issue where the document can freeze on startup when the Language in System Preferences is set to some non-United States Regions


  • Address an issue where importing fails to include some budget data on Pages 1A to Page 6.
  • Address an issue where a server error could occur during setup.
  • Other minor updates


  • Confirmed functionality in Mac OS High Sierra.
  • Line 139 – Default Description changed to “Agency/Client Requests”
  • Fixed an issue where using customized line numbers could result in the wrong line description appearing in the logs.
  • Backend Setup Assistant rebuild.
  • Source Code for Setup Assistant Rewritten.
  • Values in the Envelopes of the Petty Cash Grid are now preserved when selecting and entering into the cells.
  • Addresses a situation where the last cell in the money received column of the PC grid could become out of alignment with the rest of the column when adding and envelope.
  • Address a situation where a runtime error can occur when importing into the payroll log.
  • Payroll Log formulas in columns: Total ST, Total OT, Actual, Fringe1 Total, and Fringe 2 Total now round to the 4th decimal.
  • When exposing the Additional Billings area on the Cost Summary page it will now become the focus by automatically scrolling to the beginning of the range.
  • Addresses a runtime error that may occur when printing a petty cash envelope coversheet.
  • Modified the color of the Cost Summary line numbers to work around an excel glitch that does not render the color accurately when exporting as PDF using office 2016.
  • Other minor updates and fixes


  • Added cash advance tracking and reconciliation to the Petty Cash Log
  • Print and export petty cash envelope covers from the Petty Cash Log
  • Print blank petty cash envelope cover templates from the Petty Cash Log
  • Added a row filter for the Chart of Accounts, Petty Cash Log, Purchase Order Log, Payroll Log
  • A summary pop-up has been added to the Petty Cash Log, Purchase Order Log, and Payroll Log (view totals consolidated by line and by payee)
  • A row sort-filter has been added to the exported document when exporting the Purchase Order Log, Petty Cash Log, and Payroll Log
  • Addresses a run-time Error that occurs when printing sheets that do not come in the document by default
  • Incorporates a 2nd overage handling mechanism similar to the mechanism in HB version 1
  • Incorporates a petty cash grid sheet similar to the petty cash log in HB version 1
  • You can now add and remove rows to the notes section in the petty cash grid
  • Use Chart Of Accounts checkbox is now disabled unless there is more them 15 rows in the Chart Of Accounts
  • Warning Message now appears when checking the Use Chart of Accounts checkbox
  • Travel budget now displays the sum of rows by cost type of FLIGHTS, HOTEL, PER DIEM, and TRANSPORTATION
  • Addresses an issue where the Markup and Insurance labels at the bottom of sections A and C where not displaying the percentages by default
  • Added a No Column counter and Days Column Counter to Sections A, B, and G
  • Addresses an issue conflicting with the Excel undo functionality
  • The lock original budget checkbox now includes the column for Internal account codes when unlocking
  • Addresses an issue that was causing Excel to crash when saving the exported overtime calculator
  • Adds a feature called tweak where someone can edit a locked cell even after the document is expired using quick key command Option-Command-T
  • A “process is complete” message is now displayed after importing any of the logs
  • Addresses an issue in Office 2016 that prevents pasting into the document from other Excel files.
  • Attempts to address an issue where a run-time error can occur for some people when entering data into the Payroll Log in excel version 14.0.0
  • When Insurance and Markup are set to force enter or carryover the insurance percentage cells are now locked for editing
  • A warning message now displays when deleting rows
  • The hardline editor now displays the bid and running values deducting the values from the Overage Log and Travel Budget
  • Selected sum in the status bar now ignores hidden rows
  • Addresses Issues exporting Petty Cash Log envelope covers in Office 2016
  • Other minor updates and fixes


  • Addresses an issue that presented as a result of developing in the Excel 2016 15.29.1 update where the PO log becomes locked for editing.
  • Addresses an issue where using a double quote character in the name of the job, budget title, or job number causes a runtime error.
  • In the hardline editor the titles of the lines will not longer wrap inside their labels if the title to long to fit inside the field.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Address an issue that occurs in excel 2016 v15.29.1 where the document expires prematurely.
  • Address an issue that occurs in excel 2016 v15.29.1 where the currency converter enables upon opening the document.
  • Address an issue that occurs in excel 2016 v15.29.1 where precision markup and precision insurance is enabled upon opening the document.
  • Address several other issues that occur in excel 2016 v15.29.1
  • The insurance and markup calculation indicators in the overtime calculator now refresh on screen when changing the calculation settings.
  • Corrects an issue in the import function where when importing a v2 document into another v2 document the Insurance and markup is excluded.
  • When adding rows to the notes and job information areas of the cost summary page the new row will be inserted below the location of the active cell.
  • Addresses and issue where importing a v1 document results in importing the shooting budget into the bid of section M2
  • Overage Log Import Button is now active.
  • Overage Log Export Button has been removed

HOT BUDGET 2.0 UPDATE December 21 2016

  • Code Completely Rewritten
  • Added New Currency Calculator
  • Compatible with Excel 2016
  • Consult the User Guide for more details

HOT BUDGET 1.5.5 UPDATE September 23 2016

  • Addresses the issue in OS X 10.12 Sierra that breaks the quick PDF functionality.
  • Addresses an error that occurs when adding rows to the logs in OS X 10.12 Sierra.

HOT BUDGET 1.5.4 UPDATE February 2 2016

  • Incorporates a format repair for missing conditional formats in the logs that causes the display of zzzz and 0.00 values
  • Other Minor updates

HOT BUDGET 1.5.3 UPDATE January 25 2016

  • El Capitan compatibility confirmed
  • Addresses an issue where an error could occur when generating a PDF of the budget after printing
  • Addresses a situation where the bid could become locked when transferring the document from a computer without a license to one with a license
  • Addresses an issue in the digital purchase order system when saving digital purchase orders as files the excel docs would be saved as an inconsistent file type
  • Importing timecard batch .csv files into the payroll log now adds the dates to the PO column

HOT BUDGET 1.5.2 UPDATE January 15 2016

  • Restores functionality to the shooting details popup
  • Addresses a behavior where some cells in the workbook would appear to become selected when switching between workbooks
  • The cells in the payee column of the PO log have been changed to not Wrap text
  • The first 4 columns to the right of the Bid/Actual columns are now unlocked buy default
  • A popup message was added at launch to display incompatibility with office 2016
  • Added a calculation option for markup and insurance to the overtime calculator

HOT BUDGET 1.5.1 UPDATE December 6 2015

  • Corrects a labeling issue causing the wrong expiration date to be displayed on the HotBudget sheet.
  • The day rate on line 51 now starts off equal to the rate on line 1

HOT BUDGET 1.5.0 UPDATE December 3 2015

  • ******The default way that markup calculates has changed in the shooting budget and actual. Setting the budget to calculate markup as a percentage now also calculates the shooting budget as a percentage based on the data in the shooting budget and the same is true for the actual.
  • Corrects a calculation error that occurs when using advanced insurance and markup and talent agency fee in section M
  • A new overtime calculator has been added which can be accessed through the HotBudget Menu
  • – The OT Calculator Sheet can be made visible through the HotBudget Menu
  • – Consolidates labor sections ( | B | G | M | ) onto one sheet
  • – Can be printed as a two page report
  • – Can be reset to match either the original bid data or the shooting budget data as a starting point
  • – Can be exported and saved as a separate excel file for archiving purposes
  • – Can toggle an Indicator that Indicates days in either the bid or shooting budget
  • Digital PO System – The height (and therefore the size) of the company logo can now be adjusted in settings
  • The Lock Bid Checkbox on the HB Sheet now effects the Notes Section on the Cost Summary Page
  • The Travel Budget sheet can now be hidden or made visible through the HotBudget menu
  • Columns in sections ( | C | D | E | F | H | I | J | K | L | M2 | N | O | P | ) labeled “AMOUNT” have been relabeled “DAYS” for better continuity across the budget
  • The overtime calculator incorporated into the shooting budget has been removed
  • A new chart of account service has been added
  • – Create and manage an internal chart of accounts using the chart of accounts log accessible through the HotBudget menu
  • – Map internal accounts to line items within the budget using the account picker accessible through the HotBudget Menu
  • – Establish separate internal accounts for PW (Fringe) costs
  • – Export reports organizing expenses by the internal accounts mapped to the budgets lines
  • Changing the markup and insurance calculation to force enter will automatically carry over the bid values in the shooting and actual budgets. It will also unlock the insurance and markup cells in the shooting and actual budgets so values can be forced in without unlocking the sheets.
  • Checkboxes for applying markup and insurance input into the overage log to markup and insurance in the budget have been removed. Markup and insurance in the overage log will be applied to markup and insurance in the budget as entered.
  • Access to the advanced markup and insurance control for PW have been moved from the Insurance and Markup to the top of the Cost Summary page.
  • The columns in each section of the budget have been reorganized for continuity and simplicity
  • In the bid the OT Total column is now grouped with the bid details
  • The password lock feature for viewing the insurance and markup has been removed.
  • In the printing program you can now reverse the page order of the budget so that the pages would print in the appropriate order if the printer prints face up or face down
  • Dramatically improved performance when importing into the Payroll Log, Petty Cash Log, and Purchase Order Log from any other HB file or a batch timecard .csv
  • Envelopes in the PC log can not only be deleted one at a time and they are deleted with out popup messages
  • Adding and removing rows in the Payroll Log, Petty Cash Log, and Purchase Order Log has been reprogrammed resulting in a dramatic performance increase
  • Removing rows in the Payroll Log, Petty Cash Log, and Purchase Order Log will now clear rows once the log reaches the minimum number of rows rather then forcing a selection quantity of rows that does not violate the minimum quantity of rows.
  • DIGITAL PURCHASE ORDERS – corrected an error when emailing and exporting purchase orders that can occur when the name of a vendor is greater then 31 characters and when there is a slash character in the name of the vendor

HOT BUDGET 1.4.4 UPDATE January 2 2015

  • Fixes a bug that caused the left footer to be cleared when printing the budget.


  • New Feature – Connecting the Travel Budget Costs to lines 17, 18, or 19 on the cost summary page can now be done through the HotBudget>Travel menu
  • New Feature – Bid Assistant now no has the ability to set the OT Base across the whole budget
  • Compatibility with OSX Yosemite confirmed
  • The left footer on the Cost Summary Page and pages 1A to 6 has been removed and can now be customized in the same way a standard excel sheets footer can be customized.
  • PO System – Fixes an issue where the name of a vendor having more then 31 characters causes an error when exporting to excel and PDF files.
  • PO System – Buttons on the PO Log that are visible when using the digital purchase order system are not longer selectable while the sheet is locked.
  • PO System – Extends the beta through 2015
  • Cells with numerical values have been reformatted in response to an excel update that removes the (#,###.##) style of formatting for negative values
  • Lines 17, 18, and 19 on the Cost Summary page are no longer directly editable but must be populated by entering values into the logs using line codes CS17, CS18, and CS19
  • The reconciliation warning in the status bar now properly factors in cost summary lines 17, 18, and 19 in its display
  • Fixes an error that can occur when trying to view actual details when the PR log contains a row that has a rate but no days
  • Other Minor improvements and fixes


  • Addresses an issue where the file may freeze of lag when opened.

HOT BUDGET 1.4.0 UPDATE December 17 2013

  • New Feature – Integrated a travel log where costs can be connected to a chosen line item within the bid through the HotBudget menu.
  • New Feature – Integrated BETA Digital PO System (MAC Only)
  • New Feature – Insurance and markup can be applied to P&W separate from the section where P&W exists. (Sections A, B, G, L, M, O)
  • New Feature – Import feature in the payroll log can import timecard batch .csv files
  • New Feature – Bid Assistant for setting the Insurance, Markup, and P&W percentages for all sections of the bid
  • Added formal License Agreement
  • Actual costs for lines 17, 18, and 19, on the Cost Summary sheet can now be represented in the PO Log, PC Log, and PR Log by default using line code CS17, CS18, and CS19 appropriately
  • In the check log and credit card log a line item of PR now displays a description of Payroll
  • Fixed an error that causes an image file that was added to the cost summary page with the Import Image button to be lost when the HotBudget file is emailed.
  • Fixed a sheet protection error that would occur when the HotBudget sheet was not the first sheet in the file
  • The payroll log can now accept negative values
  • The petty cash log can not accept negative values
  • Rows are no longer sorted when adding rows in the Logs
  • Newly redesigned migrate feature for the logs is now called import and can merge external logs with already existing information or replace the existing information.
  • Migrating and importing data from another HotBudget is no longer sensitive to the names of the sheets in the source file
  • The printing functionality now sets the page breaks properly when printing using excel 2010 for PC on windows 7 OS
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

HOT BUDGET 1.3.0 UPDATE - December 10 2012

  • New Feature – You can how hide the values in the rates columns of each section when there is no value in the amount column
    (This can be toggled on and off using the HotBudget menu)
  • Improvement – The buttons that toggle the Bid Details view, Hourly And OT view, and Shooting details view have been reprogramed and are more responsive.
  • Expiration Date Extended through December 2013
  • Fixed and error that can occur when setting a custom password.
  • Rewrote and expanded the migrate feature. Now includes the logs and has more flexibility with sections of the the bid and shooting budgets.
  • Other minor improvements

HOT BUDGET 1.2.0 UPDATE - August 26 2012

  • Companies can now create their own Password to prevent unwanted unlocking of the sheets
  • Budget data can now be exported as aTab Delimited plain text file
  • Overtime in the Bid and Shooting Budget can now be calculated without needing to have a value in the days column.
  • When deleting a row in the payroll log the “Row Has Content” warning now displays only if the row has some important content.
  • When adding or deleting rows or envelopes to the logs they will be automatically formatted with the proper font, font size, and borders
  • The overtime rates in the payroll log can now be adjusted by changing the value at the top of each overtime column
  • The Day Rate in page 1B is now automatically populates from what is entered in page 1A
  • A new Shooting Details feature has been implememted (Similar to the Actual Details)
  • Fixed an issue in the PC log where having 25 envelopes could result in incorrect formulas in the actual column
  • Other minor improvements

HOT BUDGET 1.1.0 UPDATE - March 11 2012

  • Automated printing of the shooting budget and the shooting budget is now included in the Generate PDF list
  • Cells in the PO Log, Payroll Log, CC Log, PC Log, and Check Log that get accidentally locked from a copy and paste can now be easily unlocked by simply adding or deleting rows or envelopes.
  • When entering overtime there is a prompt if there is no OT Base entered.
  • The order the Bid and actual print has been reversed so that they some out in the proper order.
  • The sheets can now be unprotected without needing a password using the lock and unlock buttons on the HotBudget Sheet
  • The PO Log, Payroll Log, CC Log, and Check Log now have a minimum number of 10 rows
  • The Purchase Order Log and the Payroll Log can now be reconciled using the PR abbreviation in the line column of the PO log
  • Overtime in the Payroll log can now be calculated without needing to have a value in the days column.
  • The Payroll log has been restructured to make it easier to copy and paste and to do a selected sum of the Actual and PW Total columns
  • Fixed a compile error and improved the functionality of the Calculate Day Rate function in the HotBudget drop down menu.
  • Other Misc. Improvements

HOT BUDGET 1.0.2 UPDATE - January 22 2012

  • New migrate feature has been added
  • Fixes an error that could occur in the PC log when adding an envelope to the log.

HOT BUDGET 1.0.1 UPDATE - December 21 2011

  • Fixes an issue in which having a startup disk named something other then the default Macintosh HD name would cause a runtime error when trying to generate a PDF
  • Fixed an issue in which having certain characters in the job name would cause a runtime error when trying to generate a PDF
  • Fixed an issue in the petty cash log where adding an envelope could cause values that where placed in the money received cells to be aligned with incorrect envelopes.