Hot Budget Downloads

Hot Budget Version 2.6.0 | Expires January 1, 2022


  • Excel 2011 Mac 14.7.7: Confirmed Compatible (Recommended for Mac OS Mojave or earlier)
  • Excel 2016 Mac 15.37: Testing in progress, No known issues.
  • Excel 2019 Mac 16.19: Testing in progress, No known issues.
  • Excel 2019 Mac 16.34: Testing in progress, No known issues.
  • macOS High Sierra: No known issues.
  • macOS Mojave: No known issues.
  • macOS Catalina: Testing is ongoing. No known issues. (Excel 16.34 recommended) email
  • macOS Big Sur: Testing in ongoing. No known issues. (Excel 16.34 recommended) email

sha1 Hash : afd61b8ae91777d4fc801de515bb6e66e934c319

sha256 Hash: 51a44c9ef0ec56f68b90234e5fb614d24d32ca1b556b35e7a52c17c38c140469


If you have any questions please e-mail for assistance. If you would like a visual guide please download the Hot Budget User Guide available on this page.


Please review the compatibility requirements above before using Hot Budget.
Watch a license activation video via YouTube.
  1. Download a Hot Budge 2.6 template from our website.
  2. Open Hot Budget™ on the computer you want to license.
  3. Enable macros and wait for the next prompt to appear.
  4. Select ‘Setup’ and follow the instructions moving forward.
  5. Enter your order number and purchase date in the fields requesting that information. The order number is case sensitive.
  6. Continue following the prompt until your license is activated.

If your activation fails please send contact We will need your order number.

Please note, licenses are processed manually during business hours. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm PST (excluding holidays). 

IMPORTING – Hot Budget 2.4 or 2.5 (or expired budget) to 2.6

  1. If you have Excel open go to the Excel menu and select Quit Excel.  Do not skip this step.
  2. Open your Hot Budget 2.4 or 2.5 and disable macros.
  3. Download Hot Budget 2.6 from our website.
  4. Open the Hot Budget 2.6 and enable macros.
  5. Go to the Cost Summary Page toolbar via Hot Budget 2.6. Click on the Tools button > Import > Select Source File.
  6. Check off the data you want to import & click Import.
  7. Revise your document and make any changes needed. Some of the Project information area (Location days, Shoot Days, etc on the Cost Summary Page) and the Additional Billings section will need to be transferred manually.

Microsoft Excel for Mac Downloads

Excel 2011, Version 14.7.7

We have confirmed that Excel 14.7.7 functions as expected when installed on macOS Mojave (10.14), High Sierra, and Sierra. Excel 2011 is no longer supported my Microsoft but it is still available for purchase from third parties. Hot Bricks is not affiliated with the purchasing source provided here. Please report any issues to

SHA1 Hash : 04eaca30ca7fbe77405ee7c906a7b359cef2b5ce

SHA256 Hash: cf0b27b82f3bca8b447d756d8c921049a18a671878f32c73bd21a5fb3a080983

Excel 2016, Version 15.37

SHA1 Hash : 9f15200d945be97a6457b69aefec61bb86738c16

SHA256 Hash: 0f4ab99854ed7016fc6cb73f3269872ab11839643bb00964e417b80edf5992d2

Excel 2019, Version 16.19

SHA1 Hash : fd33d669ab0b776fb0ee9d8fdb02a2930e3594cb

SHA256 Hash: 32508976C9D0250A72F1A8094B3A63D336467B7F237B965E745A06EBC1D560DB

Excel 2019, Version 16.34

SHA1 Hash : 510897326d148c7a6fd625ba81eb7598e6eb801f

SHA256 Hash: 5ba5c8d0a036ad7a53d023521b4656ceefbd0fe7a4a55ba25efeb4e0aae388fb

Microsoft Excel for Windows

Windows 10, Excel 2013, Version 15.0.5075.1001 32-bit

The above software is recommended for use with Hot Budget on Windows operating systems. Not all Hot Budget features are available in Windows. Remember to update your Windows Defender definitions to 1.279.761.0 and above.

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