Need Assistance with Hot Budget?

We have you covered

Are you experiencing any problems with Hot Budget? If so, we have made a list of the most common error messages with their solutions. If you continue to have problems, please contact us directly.

Message: Error Loading DLL

Answer:  This is a Microsoft Excel message that appears when using macros file. The application is unable to load some resource required to run the macros.  This usually presents itself when an office update goes bad.

Solution: First, try restarting your computer. Should that fail to solve the issue, then you need to reinstall Office.  If reinstalling Office also fails, then the problem may be more complex. At that point, you may want to contact our support team for assistance.  

Message: Runtime Errors

Answer:  Runtime errors should not be common, but they can happen. The reasons vary. In some cases, these erros don’t have a clear cause.

Solution: Most Runtime errors can be solved by rebooting Excel. But if that doesn’t work, reboot the whole computer. In rare cases where Runtime errors are persistent or become common, please contact our support team for assistance.

Message: Document Not Saved

Answer:  This is a Microsoft Excel message. We believe this to be a glitch in Excel, and it can manifest in macro, and non macro files. We don’t know what causes this issue. It appears to happen at random times. This should not be a common experience, but if it becomes common, please contact our support department for assistance.

Solution: You will likely have to force quit Excel. This will cause you to lose any unsaved data. It is for this reason that we advise saving your progress on a regular bases to avoid this kind of situation. Restart your computer, and test the issue to see if it is resolved. If the issue persists, you may contact our support team for assistance.

Message: Hot Budget is Read-Only

Answer:  Hot Budget becoming read-only is almost always the result of using a slash character in the name of the file.

Solution: Quit Excel, and remove the slash from the name of the file. If your file is read-only, and you don’t have a slash in the name of the file, you may contact our support department for assistance.

Message: The Cell or chart you are trying to change is protected, and therefore read-only

Answer:  This is a message that Excel displays automatically when someone tries to modify a cell that is locked while the sheet is protected. Many cells in Hot Budget are locked to protect formulas that are important to the calculation of the budget, and other elements. If you see this message, then it is likely you are trying to change a cell that was not meant to be changed.

Solution:Contact our support team for assistance in this situation. It is possible that a cell may have been accidentally locked due to a copy and paste. Our support team can help you determine if what you are doing is safe.