Try budgeting with Hot Budget™ for your next project. Developed for budgeting commercials, promos, and music videos, Hot Budget is one of the most popular budgeting tools in the industry. Now choose from multiple templates for commercial/music video, post production, and animation. An integrated running budget can be directly compared to the original budget to identify variances as a project evolves. Actual costs can be logged and compared directly to the original budget, and running budget.

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Template Previews

Commercial 7-16-329 AICP [ HB 2.0 Equivalent ] 7 Pages | 16 Sections | 329 Lines
Commercial 9-16-459 AICP [ 2020 ] 9 Pages | 16 Sections | 459 Lines
Commercial 9-16-459 AICP Unified Post 6-7-314 15 Pages | 23 Sections | 773 Lines
Post Production 6-7-314 6 Pages | 7 Sections | 314 Lines
Animation 7-16-227 7 Pages | 16 Sections | 227 Lines
Animation 6-17-242 6 Pages | 17 Sections | 242 Lines

Who is using Hot Budget?

Hot Budget is being used by production companies worldwide as their budgeting software of choice. Bidders, Executive Producers, Producers, Production Managers, Production Coordinators, Post production Staff, and Accountants all use Hot Budget to satisfy the needs of their position within the production workflow.

How Hot Budget helps your production?

Hot Budget provides a set of tools that increase productivity for all production personnel involved with a project. Creating budgets and sending them to a client in PDF form is fast. Calculating additional overtime based on the labor within Hot Budget is simple. Actualizing and making direct cost comparisons to an original budget is easy.

How to get Hot Budget?

You can download a copy directly from Hot Bricks, from an approved 3rd party distributor, or you might get one from a coworker via email. The setup assistant will guide you through the licensing process after you have a copy of the software.