Multiple Templates

Multi-Template Support. Choose from multiple templates for commercial, post production, and animation.


Stability, Compatibility, Functionality. Years in the making a new framework provides provides the foundation for a host of stability, compatibility, and functionality improvements.

Dynamic Sheets

More Flexibility. Pages are created on the fly dynamically. They are there when you need them and not in the way when you don’t.

Relaunch Recovery

Reduced manual relaunching. In the event of an excel visual basic failure. Runtime relaunch recovery will prompt users to relaunch the app greatly reducing the need to close and open workbooks for troubleshooting purposes.

Range Validation

Formula Check? Range validation functionality is built into the core of Hot Budget 3 and runs prior to printing or outputting a pdf of the budget.


Weather Day? Add contingencies to the cost summary page that can be displayed in the budgets print or pdf output.

Fringe Isolation

P&W below-the-line. The ability to customize where fringe allocations are on the cost summary page provides for a “below-the-line P&W” configuration without the need to customize formulas or unprotect sheets.

Quick PDF Creation

Click ‘Print’ on the Cost Summary page, choose your presentation, click PDF, and selection the destination and name for the PDF output.

Budget Porting

Porting a budget from one version of Hot Budget to another is easy. Avoid the copy and pasting and port the budget data from a damaged or expired workbook to a current clean copy of Hot Budget. To watch how it’s done click here.

Simultaneous viewing of Original, Running & Actual Budget

View the Original Budget, Running Budget, and Actual Budget simultaneously. No need to toggle the visibility of one to compare it to another. It can all be shown side-by-side.

Import Hot Budget logs into other Hot Budget files

The Purchase Order Log, Petty Cash Log and, Payroll Log can be ported from one Hot Budget into another without copying and pasting. Choose to completely replace the data or merge it with what already exists.

Currency Conversion

Use the integrated currency converter to send your clients budgets in their local currency.

Overtime Calculator

Calculate the estimated cost of addition overtime using the integrated overtime calculator. Start with the calculator based on data from the original budget or the running budget.

Travel Budget

Budget for flights, hotels, transportation, and per diem using the integrated travel budget. Apply the travel cost to any line within the budget or connect all travel to the cost summary page.

Import Timecard Batch .csv files into the Payroll Log

If your timecards were processed digitally and a compatible .csv file of the timecard data can be created then the .csv file can be imported into the payroll log programmatically and without the need to copy and paste.