• Excel 2011 Mac 14.7.7: Confirmed Compatible (Recommended for macOS Mojave or earlier)
  • Excel 2016 Mac 15.37: Testing in progress, No known issues.
  • Excel 2019 Mac 16.19: Testing in progress, No known issues.
  • Excel 2019 Mac 16.34: Testing in progress, No known issues.
  • macOS High Sierra: Confirmed compatible
  • macOS Mojave: Confirmed compatible
  • macOS Catalina: Excel 16.34 recommended, email
  • macOS Big Sur: Excel 16.34 recommended, email
  • macOS Monterey: Testing is ongoing. (Excel 16.34 recommended) email

Additional Information

Excel 2011 Mac: Hot Budget 2 is intended to be used with Excel 2011 for Mac and has been developed to be compatible with Excel 2016 and 2019. If you’re having trouble finding a source for Office 2011 since the release of office 2016 we have been recommending and they have proven reliable so far. You only need the home and student version of Office 2011. Hot Bricks is not affiliated with this source. If you find that this source is unable to provide a license or is unreliable then email to make a report.

Excel 2016 Mac: This version of office supports macros and Hot Budget 2 is developed to be compatible with it, however some versions of Excel 2016 have introduced bugs that cause issues with macro documents. We report these issues to Microsoft as soon as we become aware of them but it’s a good idea to check with the Hot Budget support staff to see what version of office 2016 would be best for you.

Excel 2004 Mac: This version of Office supports macros but not to the extent Hot Budget requires to function properly.

Excel 2008 Mac: This version of Office does not support macros. For this reason it is not compatible.

Excel 2013 Windows 10: Some Hot Budget functions are exclusive to Mac and will not function in Windows versions of Excel. Excel 2013 was tested in and is compatible with Hot Budget 2, on Windows 10, with slightly limited functionality. We do not release updates for Windows PC’s as Hot Budget was created for Mac Operating systems.